Real Rajasthani Wedding: Shweta and Ankush Part I

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January 5, 2012

I’m warning you, this wedding is eye candy overload. It’s regal in all sense of the word, and worthy of a Rajasthani raaj-kumari. It has everything: grandeur, fashion, Bollywood entertainment, a jaw dropping bride, a dashing groom, and gosh darn it- some mushy romance. One post can’t hold it all, so we’ll be posting a series through the day. We’re kicking it off with Qawali Night in Rajasthan, and will be tying it up with a modern reception in Delhi. Hold on to your seats…

Bride: Shweta Singhal, 31, Doctor

Groom: Ankush Chaudhary, 30, Corporate Finance

Wedding Date: November 19th, 2011

Venue: Jagmandir Island, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Reception Venue: Khatri Farms, New Delhi

Their Story: Ankush and I met on Facebook! We had gone to the same high school, so we were part of the same high school Facebook group. We chatted on Facebook and sparks flew when we met at a high school re-union at Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. After 6 weeks, Ankush proposed at a state park.

Wedding Vision: I’ve always wanted a small wedding (in the number of people), just very very close family and friends away from Delhi (where it would have been 1500 people) in a place with exceptional beauty.

The Festivities: Each event was tied to a theme: Qawali Night on Sagan; Rajasthani mehendi with Garba; Cocktails &  a Bollywood performer on Bollywood Night; everything traditional for the wedding; and everything modern for the reception.

Personal Touches: The wedding was a lot about personal attention to the guests. Our number one priority was for guests to have fun. We really care about all the people we invited, and we are a very fun couple that didn’t want the usual stuff and I am certainly not a shy bride. We actually framed a wedding picture from each guest’s wedding, and put these in their rooms along with personal invitations to the wedding. Every morning, we had a unique gift delivered to each guest room. In the flight over to Rajasthan, we distributed personalized itineraries to each guests. Our Delhi reception was much larger with 800 people, and we kept it very modern. Ankush wore a tuxedo and I wore a very modern lehnga that actually looked more like a gown.

You won’t want to miss Shweta’s Rajasthani Mehndi next!!

All images copyright @ 2011 Badal Raja (See our post on Badal Raja here)

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